One Platform

OPL is the One Platform for all your process automation needs.

Manual steps are removed and powerful, automated capabilities introduced to enable true front-to-back digitization across all business functions.

OPL works like a digital fabric that connects standalone applications owned by various business units without disrupting the underlying CRM, ERP, Trading, Risk, Manufacturing and other core technologies.

We deliver automated processes that are tailored to your requirements, dramatically enhancing Customer and User Experience.

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Speed to market is critical. OPL can rapidly improve customer engagement, market competitiveness, operational effectiveness and more

OPL is a no-code, AI-enabled, process automation and collaboration platform, with over 200 pre-built tools can digitize and automate any process in 8-12 weeks

OPL runs on Amazon Web Services for global scalablity, security and largest number of services.

OPL has seamless integration with Microsoft, Google, SAP and Oracle Apps and Databases. Drag and drop functionality allows us to build data connectors to most large “systems-of-record” in just minutes.

OPL redefines how quickly and easily businesses can digitize and automate their operations using powerful business rules and smart forms

More than 200 built-in capabilities – no coding required – just turn them on when needed

Pre-built yet highly configurable, feature rich process flows with fine-tuned business rules

Industry based, customizable Templates for immediate use across Sales, Operations, HR, Finance, Procurement, Risk, Compliance and more

Rapid configuration of automated business processes, tailored to your needs using our proprietary One Platform Workbench

Real-time dynamic dashboards that provide business insights

Complete, review, approve and collaborate from anywhere, anytime on any device

What We Do Opl
What We Do Opl Md

OPL comes equipped with Intelligent Automation features “out of the box”

No-code platform with 200+ pre-built capabilities to accelerate automation projects

Intelligent automation where processes can self-initiate based on time, actions, calculations, or outcomes of any process

Store, manage, track electronic documents and contracts with configurable access controls on OPL or use your ECM of choice

With 200+ pre-built capabilities to accelerate automation projects

Generate dynamic forms for internal or external use with inbuilt data / logic validations, reminders, escalations, digital signatures, and auto-renewal options

Each end user has their own standard Dashboards and Reports that can be tailored for specific teams, processes, deliverables, customers and more

Intuitive accurate data extraction with machine or end-user directed learning models to eliminate errors

All your customers, suppliers and partners can be granted one-time, periodic or permanent access to digitally collaborate, leading to faster outcomes with less errors

Pull and push data with OPL’s Universal Integration Adaptors

Thanks to OPL’s no-code capability and end-user Form Builder, you don’t need IT. Authorized end-users can update their forms and workflow to suit their changing business needs

Develop plans, assign resources, track progress, set up reminders for your one-off or recurring project-based assignments that are not process driven

OPL fully integrates with AWS, Microsoft and Google AI/ML Chatbots and other AI powered services within your workflow

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Leverage AI/ML Services to

Personalize and segment communications to engage customers across SMS, email, push notifications, in-app messaging and voice.

Uncover valuable insights from text in documents, customer support tickets, product reviews, emails, social media feeds, and more.

Extract meaning from images/media, identify product defects, improve workplace safety using computed vision, using OPL to manage the workflow.

Easily use AI powered voice and free text commands that understands intent, maintains context, and automates tasks via voice-commands, across many languages.

OPL's Workflow Accelerators Enable Rapid Real-Work Results

Real Word Result

Form Digitization – Instantly digitize forms, connect them via preconfigured workflows to generate an automated process in hours not days, weeks or months

Collaboration – Work with internal and external users in real-time to query a process, run a survey, produce a deliverable or edit / redline documents

OPL Recalibrate – Machine learning model that takes input from end-users to “learn” how to self-correct from past mistakes

OPL Push – Initiate a process flow with existing unstructured or structured data and generate smart documents that are ready for approval or digital signatures

Auto Manage Deadlines – Set renewal or expiration dates for any document or process and set automatic reminders and due dates automatically triggering action from internal or external stakeholders

Real Time Chat – Engage in real time with others to get clarifications and increase productivity on any document or process

Task, Risk, Controls or Project Management – Designed to assist a manager in developing a plan, assigning resources to tasks, tracking progress, set up reminders and analyzing workloads

Intelligent OCR – Automated data extraction from emailed, scanned or digital documents which not only populates databases but triggers the next process based on the content scanned and or flags potential policy violations, spend limits or potential errors.

Business Rules with Contextual Search – Set, define key business rules and search for data in real time

E-Signatures – Certified Signatures by Adobe Sign, DocuSign™ or Digital Signatures by OPL's proprietary but cost-free digital signature engine

Process Template Library – Maintain audit trails on assignments, routing, processing time with time stamps for compliance

OPL Trail – With a series of standard reports available “out of the box” and an ability to create / generate your own custom reports, the task of reporting has become so much easier with OPL

Data Driven to Dynamic – Export or import data with ease at regular pre-defined intervals in multiple formats, or get it done on demand

Step-wise modernization of your business - one process at a time - to minimize business disruption

Modernize without the business disruption, cost and risks of business transformation programs. Automate and modernize incrementally in 6 - 8 week sprints, addressing each pain-point step-by-step with no coding required or major IT changes. The OPL Platform removes manual work and connects existing IT applications to enable automation and greater productivity through the front, middle and back-office.

Seamless configuration

OPL can access your firm’s Active Directory to assign roles and manage actions, escalations and access rights. Configure quickly with a drag and drop interface. Integrate with other systems using OPLs Integration Hub. Add or remove functionality and scale according to your needs. All without writing a single line of code.

Seamless Configuration
Seamless Configuration Md
Security Md
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Security first

OPL customers benefit from the most robustly secure cloud infrastructure available. We also take your privacy seriously so we do not have access to your account or any of your data. OPL is SOC2 certified for ease of vendor onboarding and we undertake regular independent penetration testing, ongoing vulnerability scanning, as well as use of advanced monitoring technologies and processes to minimize risks.

OPL’s Single Sign-On capabilities allow your end-users to experience OPL with seamless yet secure access. With numerous SSO connectors available, OPL leverages your organization’s investment in User Access Management, helping to ensure that only valid users gain access to our platform.

A refreshing take on cost

We take a unique approach to pricing. We don’t charge per user, tier, or feature set. Our model is based on your process, which means you pay only for what you need and all your staff can access the platform with no hidden or extra costs per user.

Cost Md
One Powerful Platform

One Powerful Platform

Unlock the power of business process and task management, data storage, auto data extraction using intelligent OCR, advanced rules and more. Access and configure your environment anywhere, without writing a single line of code.

Unparalleled Roi

Unparalleled ROI

Our typical project will digitize and automate your process in 8-12 weeks. OPL offers unlimited users, process-based pricing and flexibility that makes sense for clients of any size. The benefits experienced by clients are typically significant, resulting in Business Cases that "stack up".

What can the OPL Platform do for you?

Whether its digitizing documents, automating processes, configuring workflows, automating policies, or integration with enterprise apps, OPL integrates three core capabilities essential to your business and puts you in control.

Platform For You


With Business Process Management (BPM) and Digital Process Automation (DPA), the OPL Platform makes optimizing operations through workflow and collaboration seamless.


Enterprise Content Management (ECM) allows you to easily capture, manage, store, preserve and deliver electronic documents and content. With customizable folder structures and strong user security, our ONEVault ECM will deliver.

Task Management

OPL Platform’s automated Task Manager makes it simple for Project, Risk, Controls or Operations Managers to develop programs / plans, assign resources, track progress, set up reminders and analyze workloads.

Our Goal

Everything we do is guided by our mission to deliver rapid real-world results to our customers. This means providing timely, responsible, and effective customer service and technical support. Every project has a jointly developed business case to ensure that we are aligned in solving your most pressing business challenges.